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11-11 Singles Day Statistics

Singles ’Day or Guanggun Jie (Chinese 光棍节, Pinyin Guānggùn Jié, W.-G. Kuang-kun chieh, English bare sticks vacation) is each day for solitary individuals who is celebrated on November 11th. The quantity 1 in the day 11.11. should symbolize an individual. Day is becoming ever more popular among young Chinese people lately This. Young singles organize parties and karaoke events to make new show up or friends in love. Day with the best turnover on earth The Singles ’Day is currently also the web shopping.


Singles ’Day, day or bachelor’s, was celebrated at various universities in Nanjing through the 1990s. The tradition originated at Nanjing University in 1993 originally. November 11th was known as “Singles’ Day “because the particular date involves four ones. The training students who’ve since left the university continued the traditions. The event is becoming increasingly more popular because of the internet and it is favored by fashion-conscious youngsters.

Originally your day was only celebrated by teenagers (“bachelor day”), but it is equally favored by both sexes now. Blind particular date get-togethers are popular for finding somebody also. Some universities offer special programs where singles can together party.


With a complete of six ones in the date (11/11/11), 2011 found the “Singles’ Day of the Century” (Shiji Guanggun Jie). Day was specially celebrated at this juncture The. The day to market their products Retailers across China used. Although being sole is really famous upon this day, many Chinese language express the desire to have a partner. Many articles related to love are also released in the Chinese language press.

In addition, an above-average quantity of relationships were concluded on November 11, 2011 in Hong Beijing and Kong.

Fried dough sticks

As well as the interpretation single, the four ones can be used in the sense of the only one. Some cultural people utilize this signifying to state with their spouse, “You will be the merely one for me personally.”

For breakfast, the singles often eat four youtiao (deep-fried dough sticks), which symbolize the four ones in the particular date “11.11.” And a baozi (steamed, stuffed dumpling pocket), between day and month in the time frame which symbolizes the idea.

Online shopping celebration day 11-11

The more folks celebrated today, the greater companies took the possibility to target teenagers through advertising – for example restaurants, karaoke bars and web stores. This made Singles’ Day the most significant online shopping day on the planet. The Chinese retail center sold goods well worth $ 9.on November 11 3 billion, 2014. In 2015, the Alibaba Group experienced sales of $ 14.3 billion on Singles ’Day, 69% which was made via cellular devices.

On Singles ’Day 2018, the Alibaba Group had sales of $ 30.8 billion, surpassing the prior year’s result by $ 5.5 billion. Sales were therefore doubly high as sales on Thanksgiving weekend 2018 (Thanksgiving, Dark Friday and Cyber ​​Monday) mixed. In 2019, goods well worth over 38 billion us dollars were sold on Singles ’Day within a day.

Alibaba Statistics 2009 – 2025

Alibaba Group 11-11 singles day statistics 2009 to 2025
Data for the Chart above. Numbers from 2021 are just projections as the time this chart is developed is way before 11-11-2021.

JD (Jindong) Statistics 2017 – 2030

JD Jindong 11-11 singles day statistics 2017 to 2030
Data for the Chart above. Numbers from 2021 are just projections as the time this chart is developed is way before 11-11-2021.