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Search Engines in China

To implement an efficient online marketing strategy in China, you will need to understand which platforms your users are using. You might have heard, that all Chinese Online world is about Social Media like WeChat, Sina Weibo and Douyin. But in deed, there are still millions of Search Engine users:

In 2020 there were 269 Million users of web search engines in China. The following years are calculations based on a 3% average growth from the previous years.

It’s likely you have heard about Baidu, the main & most popular Chinese internet search engine. However, most Chinese users will adhere to one internet search engine never.

The Chinese internet is more fragmented than a girl. Users may use a variety of platforms centered on specific needs. Thus, an individual can skip Baidu, or any other general search tool, and make reference to another internet search engine that fits his specific need better.

Knowing that, and depending on your audience, business goals, and your budget even, it’s good to focus on multiple Search Engines in China.

In the year 2021, Baidu, the major internet search engine in China, has around 75% of the marketplace (all devices combined). Sogou follows with a fascinating 16.9%. Further search engines are below 3% each.

The rest of the market share is held by several Search Engines which, while small, may be highly relevant to your audience quite. Now let’s look more detailed into the Search Engine Market Shares in China.

Interestingly in 2021 the Desktop market is ruled by another Search Engine than Baidu:

2015 to 2018 it looked like a special Mobile search engine (Shenma) would take over the Mobile search in the future, but Baidu achieved to stay on top.

search engine market shares in china
Data for the Chart above.
Data for the Chart above.
Data for the Chart above.