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Classical Chinese Quotes

We have collected a number of Classical Chinese quotes, and created some images from them, which you can easily use for your own Social Media accounts or websites.

Please feel free to just copy these images.

Ich you want to include them into your website, you can easily just copy and paste the code below each images.

Additionally we will add a few lines about how the individual quotes made us think about the modern world of online marketing.

We hope you enjoy!

Learning without thinking is useless. Thinking without learning is dangerous.

(Xué ér bù sī zé wǎng, sī ér bù xué zé dài)

Confucius (Chinese name: 孔夫子 / Pinyin: Kǒng Fūzǐ , 551–479 BCE)
Confucius says learning without thinking without thinking
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When we study, we need combine both thinking and learning to reach the best result.

Learning is only possible with reading and thought.

Learning without thought is labor lost. Thought without learning is perilous.

Learning does not happen by just reading a text, we also need to use thought to make sense of it and consider how to apply it to our lives.

It is very easy to start an online marketing career nowadays. Every company is online, has their own website, learns how important doing business online is. So many simply pick one staff that knows how to turn on the computer and call him or her the new online marketing specialist.

If they are clever people, they soon realise, that they need to learn to succeed. So they watch Youtube tutorials, read posts on Facebook or LinkedIn, follow people they think know what they are doing. If lucky, these people are not just blenders but do share some of their wisdom and knowledge. 

f they are clever people, they soon hire specialists to handle the SEO, SEA, SocialMedia Marketing. 

Together with their company and the insights of experts on their field, they grow and develop themselves to become knowledgable and experts themselves.

That would be the learning way. 

Now imagine, they don’t learn, because they already know how to use Google, Facebook and Instagram. They apply all their private life insta stories knowledge to the company marketing campaign. They do not learn first how to do Online Marketing – simply jump into it right away. Can you imagine how disastrous this could be for the company?

Please lern first, think, think again and then decide what to do. 
Not just in Online Marketing.

If you don’t plan something ahead, you might have troubles at hand.

(Rén wú yuǎnlǜ, bì yǒu jìn yōu)

Confucius (Chinese name: 孔夫子 / Pinyin: Kǒng Fūzǐ , 551–479 BCE)

If a man takes no thought about what is distant, he will find sorrow near at hand。

The translation Google Translate gives us reads:
People without thought, he must worry about

The translation Baidu Fanyi gives us reads:
A man without foresight must have immediate worries.

In my opinion this quote is extremely true for todays online marketing industry. I see so many businesses rely on Google (or Baidu) SEO for example. But the search engine only needs to tweak one small piece in their complex machinery and the website is gone from SERP #1 losing all its traffic without having done anything wrong.

On a SERP (Search Engines Result Page), there is space for ten organic rankings.

But just think about it – which topic has only ten really good pieces of content out there? The search engine could replace all currently top ranking URLs with completely different URLs and still the search results would be great for those people searching – only that it is completely other websites gaining the free traffic now.

You must have a plan B in place, when this happens. And you must not build it when it happens – you must build it with the foresight, that such situations might happen in the future. It is not about worrying about the future. It is about being prepared, because everything in life changes – all the time.